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Military Terminology

The main goal of MOD terminology-related activities is to increase the ability of the Polish Armed Forces to act in international environment during multinational joint operations, as well as to systematize a collection of terms related to state defence and security in operational, materiel and administrative areas.

This task is carried out by updating and publishing the Polish edition of ‘AAP-6 NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions’. Moreover, as a part of terminology-related activities the following tasks are carried out: feedback for terminological Polish Standards from the field of ‘military-defence’, feedback for terminological Defence Standards (NO) and defence standardization handbooks (PDNO), as well as specialist glossaries in the areas of the PAF branches of service and types of military activity based on NATO Allied Publications, as well as updating the terminological data database and making it available to institutions, organizational units and cells of the PAF.

AAP-6 NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions

The AAP-6 glossary is a NATO Allied Administrative Publication. Its original (English – French) version has been developed by the Military Committee and approved by the North Atlantic Council. The body responsible for the publication of the glossary is the NATO Standardization Agency (NSA).

AAP-6 (2017) EN

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