Wojskowe Centrum Normalizacji, Jakości i Kodyfikacji


The Military Centre for Standardization, Quality and Codification is an organizational unit within The Ministry of National Defence, responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • organizing and coordinating standardization activities in the Ministry of National Defence in the operational, material and technical, administrative and military terminology area,
  • handling cases related to the processing of NATO standardization documents in the Ministry of National Defense and coordinating the process of preparing national replies to NATO on ratification and implementation of NATO standardization agreements (STANAGs),
  • organizing and coordinating the proper functioning of the quality assurance system in the Ministry of National Defense and carrying out tasks within the Government Quality Assurance as part of NATO member states cooperation as well as bilateral agreements,
  • organizing, coordinating and conducting accreditation processes of defence and security research entities and certification bodies assessing the conformity of products for the needs of the Minister of National Defence and the minister in charge of internal affairs, in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Conformity Assessment System of Products earmarked for the National Defence and Security purposes,
  • monitoring the activities of the subordinate RPWs (Regional Military Representative Offices), in particular:
    • appointing RPWs to execute of quality assurance processes related to the acquisition of materiel and services for the Polish Armed Forces purposes and supervising of these processes,
    • organizing and officially supervising the execution of the RPWs tasks,
  • organizing and coordinating the operation of the Defence Products Codification System (SKWO) and execution of tasks within the NATO Codification System,
  • organizing and coordinating the execution of tasks related to the participation of the Ministry of National Defence in the national notification system of legal acts (EU) incorporating technical provisions.

23 July 2019
18 July 2019

Wojskowe Centrum Normalizacji, Jakości i Kodyfikacji
Nowowiejska 28a
00-909 Warszawa
tel. 261845700
fax. 261845891

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